Our cleaning table pictures tend to be our weekly Lake Lewisville fishing report.
It is extremely hard for somebody not to have a smile when they are standing next to a table full of fresh caught fish! 
Once our trip concludes, we will make sure that you get all the pictures that you would like to have. 
We will clean and bag your daily catch and send you on your way with a couple of our favorite ways to cook!
The guests at your next fish fry will want to join you on your next trip. 
Blackened, fried, and fish tacos are some of our favorites and have become staples in our house. 
If you do not wish to keep fish, catch and release is certainly acceptable, we will still manage to get some pictures of your day on the water!

Guided Texoma striper fishing.
26" "Over" striper Lake Texoma
Texoma "over" striper
Texoma over striper
Texoma over striper
Lake Lewisville Crappie
Texoma over striper
Texoma guided striper fishing.
Joes Bait and Tackle Crappie Tournament
Guided family fishing fun Lake Lewisville.
Lake Lewisville guided white bass
Lake Lewisville guided fishing
Lake Lewisville white bass fishing.
Lake Lewisville guided white bass fishing.
Lake Lewisville white bass fishing.
Lake Lewisville guided crappie fishing.
Lake Lewisville white bass guided fishing.
Thumbs up for the junior angler!
Spring 2020 White bass
2 man white bass limit, Spring 2020
Limit of springtime crappie
Junior Angler Hybrid Stiper
Hybrid Stiper Lake Lewisville Memorial day 2020
Junior Angler Lake Lewisville Hybrid Striper Record
Slab Crappie
Largemouth bass
On an ultralight with a slab.
50 on the clicker!
Mixed species spring trip.
Hybrid Striper
New angler hooked on crappie fishing.
Slab Crappie!
La'el Collins and family after white bass trip.
Good family fun!
Barndoor crappie!
Fall crappie trip.
1/2 ounce from Junior Angler Black crappie record!
Lake Texoma Striper.
A couple of boy scouts earned their fishingbadges!
Weekday evening birthday party!
2020 Lake Lewisville Junior Angler Hybrid Striper record.
Two man white bass limit.
Loaded box!
2020 Veterans trip ran with Dak's Guide Service
June 2020 hybrid striper Lake Lewisville
October 2020 Crappie
Fall Slabs!
Texoma Striper!
Texoma striper!!
Black Friday 2020 Slab
Black Friday 2020 Crappie
November 2020 White Bass Ray Roberts
Ray Roberts January 2021